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In a world of swiping left, first impressions have never been so insanely important.

With one quick look, you have to appear cool and knowledgeable and successful and fun and… well, you have to seem like the best person for the job. And even more than that:

Clients want to know who you are and why they should hire you. They want a sneak peak into your world because when you pull back the curtain on who you are, they’re more willing to hand over their trust. How does that work? Photography. You can get an SEO writer and a copywriter and a headline writer, but a picture, as you’ve heard by now, will beat out thousands of those words.


Many entrepreneurs spend so much time and energy on a great site, but they skimp on the photos. Admit it: you’ve cropped yourself out of a group photo and used it on Linkedin. You've used generic stock photography or hired your cousin's uncle's friend to shoot your business with his old Kodak. That might work great for personal use, but not when you need to look professional.


And what about your space? Clients want to know it’s clean and full of great ideas, whether it’s a dental office, a tech firm, or a dog grooming business.


We want to help your clients see who you really are.


We want to help you grow your business.


Seamless portraits: This is the most common style of portrait.  Usually shot on a grey or neutral background,  the seamless is perfect for keeping uniformity on a website that showcases several employees.  It's the easiest way to introduce your entire staff to clients, and it's the quickest to shoot. You send your employees. Or we come to you, set up the seamless, and capture all the employees in the snap of a few fingers: Bam! 

Environmental Portraits (our Speciality):  Environmental portraits are shot with a more descriptive background to show a little more of  your personality and add depth to your company.  A taste of your space or office gives the viewer a sense of your style, taste and aesthetic. Clients tend to trust those they know, and environmental portraits let them feel like they know you just enough. We often incorporate other employees in the background to give your business a sense of rhythm and show it at its busiest.  This type of imagery is our most popular, and it's our favorite to shoot. Environmental portraits are great for websites, but also good for magazine articles, blog posts, Instagram accounts, annual reports, and Linkedin.

Team Portraits

You've spent time developing the most efficient and creative teams. Why show them in a bad light? The hardest part of shooting a team portrait is getting the whole gang in one spot. We like to send an email that says 'birthday cake in the kitchen,' and suddenly they appear. Team shots boost morale, show off your best assets, and add an air of pride to your site or social media. Every great team deserves their own shot. 



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